Power2Drive India - Special Exhibit on Electric Vehicles

Special Exhibit at Intersolar India focussing on Electric Mobility

Electric mobility and energy storage systems of the high power segment being used in the automotive sector have the potential to actively shape our future energy system and to underline the need for renewable energy generation. They offer furthermore potential for business and new applications as well as improvements for the environment and society at a large scale. The exhibit Power2Drive showcases electric mobility solutions and technologies and reflects the interaction between electric vehicles and a sustainable and environmentally friendly energy supply. It is an industry hotspot for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and start-ups in the emerging field of electric mobility and transportation. Our goal is to help companies to develop and distribute technologies and business models in the field of traction batteries, charging infrastructure and all kind of electric vehicles, and to push forward a sustainable future mobility according to our aim: Energizing Mobility!

Special Exhibit with Special Conditions

Intersolar India is supporting not only the solar industry, but also the electric mobility industry with its special exhibit Power2Drive India. The exhibition and conference takes place in Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka - the best place in India to do business in the e-mobility industries. Provide your electric vehicle free of charge for test driving to potential buyers at the dedicated Power2Drive Test Drive. Electromobility must be experienced live! Everyone who has ever traveled by an electric vehicle knows this. The Test Drive opportunity is not compulsory and a minimum number of exhibitors is necessary to realize the Test Drive Area.

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India's government is going easy on its 100% EV ambitions

India’s electric vehicle industry saw a year of heightened interest in 2017 as many automakers announced plans for the country. Sales doubled, albeit from a small base. Hyundai Motors Co., Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., Tata Motors Ltd., Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., Ashok Leyland Ltd. and BYD Co. are some of the automakers to unveil plans to introduce EVs in India. The government’s recent announcement that it wouldn’t introduce a separate EV policy could impede growth in the next five years. Sales will expand, but will largely be driven by large government tenders and some bulk orders from fleet operators. With states planning large tenders, the electric bus market is also set to grow. BNEF

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Special Exhibit Shows Wide Range of E-Mobility

More and more vehicles are running on electricity, and not just passenger cars. Pleasure boats, ferries and yachts, as well as bicycles, light vehicles, special vehicles, trucks, buses and even the first airplanes and helicopters are also being electrified. These means of transportation are ideally suited to using electricity from renewable sources of energy, such as PV carports. At the Power2Drive special exhibit, companies showcase a cross section of the wide range of e-mobility.

Bringing solar power from the roof to the street

The mileage you get from your own solar power depends mainly on how much energy your car uses. A photovoltaic system with a capacity of 5 kW, for instance, can provide about 5,000 kWh per year. If your electric car needs more than about 27 kWh/100 miles, it can run emission-free for roughly 1,550 miles per month.
There are now many different solutions on the market for optimizing the charging process, such as energy managers or intelligent charging stations (“wall boxes”). In addition, it can be a good idea to integrate a home energy storage system in order to use more of your own solar power, and not only for charging electric vehicles. Manufacturers have solar carports on offer to enhance the surface area of your own roof photovoltaic system – and thus increase the amount of electricity available for charging.

Market overview: Power2Drive puts charging infrastructure in the spotlight

Power2Drive Europe published an expanded market overview for charging systems and services around e-mobility. The overview was developed in close collaboration with the trade magazine “photovoltaik” and the online portal “PV Europe” and is published in both English and German. It covers 69 products currently on the market — charging stations, wall boxes and versatile charging cables, including high-speed charging stations (direct current, DC), AC systems (alternating current, AC; single-phase and three-phase) and DC systems for private and commercial customers. 57 different suppliers are listed.