About Power2Drive India

Our Mission

Electric Mobility - if the electricity is provided by renewable sources - decouples mobility from fossil fuels. As the fossil-fueled mobility sector is worldwide responsible for approx. one quarter of all CO2 emissions it is essential to push forward not only the electricity and the heating/cooling sector towards a renewable energy future but the mobility & transport sector in equal parts. Electric Mobility and energy storage systems of the high power segment being used in the automotive sector have additionally the potential to actively shape our future energy system. Electric vehicles can e.g. be used as mobile storage units for load shifting and grid stabilization. And they offer potential for new business models and new applications like stationary large-scale storage systems made of worn-out batteries for providing system services or an uninterruptible power supply.

About the exhibition

The exhibition Power2Drive showcases electric mobility solutions and technologies and reflects the interaction between electric vehicles and a sustainable and environmentally firendly energy supply. It is an industry hotspot for suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and start-ups in the emerging field of electric mobility and transportation. Our goal is to help companies to develop and distribute technologies and business in the fild of traction batteries, charging infrastructure, electric vehicles etc., and to push forward a sustainable future mobility according to our aim: Energizing Mobility